The Student Body is a social project that aims to empower health decision making and improve student health on university campuses. We hope to do this by providing students with resources, recipes, guides and on-campus initiatives that address barriers faced by students when prioritising their health.


As students, we understand that often, time, money, convenience and a lack of knowledge prevent us from being at our healthiest. In order to do change this, we want to provide students with a platform where they can overcome these barriers and ensure that optimal health is both accessible and sustainable. 

Ensuring a healthy heart, body and mind and three key areas of focus that we think are particularly pertinent for students. Mental health is a vital component of our wellbeing. With only so many minutes in a day, keeping active can be hard work. We hope to create an environment where students can keep active in all areas of life, helping to sustain a strong and healthy heart. What we put into our body is what we get out of it. However, we understand that for students it is not always easy to buy, prepare and eat healthy food.

Projects and Mission

This website showcases a number of recipes that are specifically tailored for students. All ingredients are readily available and nutritional. The relative cost per portion of each meal is also included for each recipe. We hope that this will be a valuable resource for students - particularly those who live independently.


In semester 2 of 2018, we will also continue to provide a free fruit stall to students at Monash at each of the MSA’s ‘Wednesday Sessions’. Come down and grab a bite on your walk to class or stock your pantry up with some fresh produce.

The Student Body is an initiative founded by students with a passion for making tangible and long-lasting change in the student community. It is just one project born out of the Susan Wakil Fellowship, a program that seeks to power emerging leaders to make a civic contribution in the student landscape. The Susan Wakil Fellowship generously funds The Student Body. More information can be found here.