Time: 30 minutes

Cost: $5.50 per portion



Chicken and kidney bean paella

Time: 45 minutes | $3.70 per portion


Time: 30 minutes | $5.50 per portion


Time: 35 minutes | $3.95 per portion

Time: 25-30 minutes | $4.50 per portion

Time: 20 minutes | $3.36 per portion


Time: 25-30 minutes | $4.50 per portion


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Season Finale with Dr. Lachlan Giles

Dr. Lachlan Giles is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt, an IBJJF World Championship bronze medalist, a coach and a practising physiotherapist with a PhD. In this episode, we discuss managing studies whilst training as a professional athlete and the mindset behi hard work.


The Student Body is a social project that aims to empower health decision making and improve student health on university campuses. We hope to do this by providing students with resources, recipes, guides and on-campus initiatives that address barriers faced by students when prioritising their health.


As students, we understand that often, time, money, convenience and a lack of knowledge prevent us from being at our healthiest. In order to do change this, we want to provide students with a platform where they can overcome these barriers and ensure that one's optimal health is both accessible and sustainable.